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Some neighborhoods in Portland stole their names from others (in fact Portland itself is named after Portland, Maine), but Brooklyn isn’t one of them.  It was originally named Brookland by Portland’s first settlers because of the many creeks and rivers that ran through the area, then evolved into Brooklyn.  Brooklyn is currently a popular neighborhood in SE Portland that is really popping – largely due to the new Orange line of the MAX now running through it and because people are just beginning to recognize its fantastic proximity to Sellwood,  Downtown, and Division/Clinton area. If you want to be close to the Downtown area, but also have access to other areas of the city via MAX Brooklyn is a great choice.

Four Square on SE 9th Ave
Craftsman on 13th Ave

Steph’s top picks in Brooklyn:

Eat:  Hands down dinner at the Brooklyn House Restaurant for delicious European-style comfort cuisine served by a staff so enthusiastic about their food and where items are procured it just makes you feel happy and grateful they are feeding you.

Imbibe:  Drink your greens at Portland Juice Company.   They are happy to deliver their cold-pressed concoctions, but I personally love stopping in to their Brooklyn location storefront conveniently located on Powell as its on my way to work.  The smell that is encountered when you walk through the door just can not be beat.  The Prana is my favorite:  ginger, cilantro, cucumber, collard greens, romaine & lemon.

Play :  Go to a show at the Aladdin Theater.  This movie theater turned music venue has some good, eclectic slightly off-beat music and comedy acts come through.  You definitely won’t catch the new hot band that killed it at Coachella here,  but definitely worth checking out their calendar.

Aladdin Theater on Milwaukie Ave
Portland Juice Co on Powell Blvd
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