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White is the New Gray

I recently heard another real estate professional exclaim that “white is the new beige!”  While I agree with the sentiment that white is on trend and looks fabulous I would say, while I am not at an interior designer, white is the new pale gray that overtook beige’s popularity 10 years ago.  I remember our paint color consultant suggested we paint our entire 2200 sq foot home entirely in Sherwin William’s Reflection in 2011.  That is every room (including kitchen) this color and every square inch of the wall and ceiling!  I was hesitant and questioned her because after all the old rule of thumb states that a white ceiling makes the room feel as if it has a higher ceilings.  She responded with “that may be true but not by very much; however, it does make it look like there is a plastic container lid on the room!”  Very clever answer.  I absolutely loved the result.  Below are a few pics so you can get the gist of what she was going after.
living room aspinall

kitchen aspinwall

bedroom aspinwall

You get the idea, right?  Try to look past the obvious home staging.  Painting the walls and ceiling in a consistent neutral color has a pleasing effect.  Previously,  I had painted the living room yellow with a blue accent wall and my bedroom with one orange (my favorite color) and the other three walls the same paint color mixed with white to a salmon color.  haha.  How I wish I had before pictures.  It was a mess!

Fast forward 2016 –  all white is definitely queen.  Stark all-white walls, ceiling and trim with textural pieces such as kilim rugs or a modern macrame wall art piece and lots of house plants is certainly what is dominating design right now.

white walls

white walls2

white walls3

I happen to love this trend.  As a matter of fact, the walls of our new PDX bungalow are being painted Pearly White as I type this.  It feels cozy, yet spacious and very welcoming to me.

Side note: selecting the tone of white was more challenging than I ever anticipated.  I had 4 samples on the wall – one was too yellow, one too brown, one too white!  There is a lot of nuance to white that you can’t see by solely looking at the paint chip,  be sure to select a few to put up on the wall ranging from cool to warm tones.  The sample colors can be used as primer afterward too – so nothing will go to waste.

What do you think?  Is white the new gray?  Would love to hear your thoughts.


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