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About Stephanie

Stephanie Graham hanging out in the city she loves, Portland.
Stephanie Graham is a real estate broker at Living Room Realty and explorer of Portland.

I am a real estate professional at Living Room Realty with a focus on helping buyers new to the Portland area find the home of their dreams.  

I know how hard it can be for someone to come to a new place and to feel welcomed and oriented. I consider it one of my primary goals to help newcomers to Portland feel like they have landed safely in a place they can call home. Whether it is finding the neighborhood that fits your lifestyle or family’s educational needs I am here to help get you started right. As a California transplant myself, I know how moving to a new city has challenges, even one as great as Portland.  My goal is to help you get acquainted with the many neighborhoods and their respective city quadrants so you can make the best decision on which one best matches the life you want in The Rose City. 

I live in the Woodstock area with my husband Clay Graham and love running, barre and exploring the neighborhoods, music venues, locally owned boutiques and restaurants of Portland.  Thanks for exploring with me and be sure to contact me.

phone: 503-239-7400